Thursday, March 24—Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Platform reported that relief supplies raised through its matching program reached the Natori relief supply warehouse (the town’s recreation center) today. Sanitary supplies provided by Kao (hand sanitizer, etc.) were being distributed to evacuees with the help of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Japan.

rpt1103_604_1torayaAAR Japan reports that they were continuing to distribute food and supplies. One community center is housing 40 elderly citizens who survived the tsunami—some who were trapped in their own house when the tsunami washed them away. The average age of the survivors there was 80 years old, and many were having difficulty using the makeshift outdoor toilet, especially at night since there were no lights available. AAR also delivered food and supplies to 600 survivors at the Utazu Junior High School in Minamisanriku, where people had not received any relief supplies until 5 days after the quake. Noting the inequality in the relief distribution, AAR is trying to identify and assist those who have not received sufficient support.

JEN‘s 3 teams in the region have divided up their tasks: one team is preparing to distribute kerosene, one is providing meals at the Yamashita Elementary School, and the third is surveying the needs at the Minato Elementary School in Ishinomaki.

Photo_JapanQuake1103_28AMDA reports that a 12th and 13th team were dispatched to Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, bringing their total personnel to 62. They note that some merchandise was beginning to appear at convenience stores and that the overall distribution of goods was gradually improving. They sent a truck loaded with medicine, sanitary goods, and other supplies to Kamaishi and Otsuchi (Iwate Prefecture) in response to requests from local teams. With support from a pharmacy in Kamaishi, AMDA teams working in Iwate Prefecture reported that the prescription and provision of medicine was going more smoothly. In Miyagi Prefecture, AMDA personnel were relocated to Minamisanriku and were working with a local doctor at Shizukawa Elementary School. They will be delivering mobile clinic services as well.