April 2–April 3, 2011

Peace Winds Japan staff meet with personnel at the Kesennuma disaster response headquarters.Peace Winds Japan has been examining medium- to long-term needs in the region and is currently working on plans in two areas: (1) supplying household items for those who are moving into temporary residences, and (2) providing play spaces where children and caregivers can play, and where programs can be conducted to address their emotional needs as well.

AMDA also reports that it is gradually starting to focus on recovery efforts along with its medical relief activities. In Iwate Prefecture, AMDA teams noted that while there have been no cases of norovirus (often known as stomach flu and which is spread through contaminated food and water), there has been a rise in such symptoms as fever and dehydration. AMDA had been exchanging information with a team of Israeli doctors, and at their request, AMDA decided to send two doctors who can also serve as medical translators to Minamisanriku to assist the Israeli team. AMDA staff have been reporting a number of cases of norovirus at the evacuation center in Minamisanriku.

As schools that have been serving as evacuation centers will soon be reopening for classes, AMDA has been receiving donations of backpacks, which will be delivered to Iwate Prefecture next week.