May 18, 2011

As part of its ongoing efforts to help the children affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is conducting an Art Caravan at evacuation centers in Kesennuma (Miyagi Prefecture), Rikuzentakata (Iwate Prefecture), and other locations. Working with a certified art therapist who is from Kesennuma, the PWJ staff is using games, creativity, and sports to help the children forget their fears and create a safe environment where they can express themselves again. The event also gave the parents and other caregivers a chance to get out of the evacuation center to work on cleanup or other tasks, knowing that their children were being well cared for. PWJ is also working on plans for a support program to assist teachers and caregivers who are dealing directly with children to help them understand and address the special needs of children in the post-trauma environment.