February 21, 2012

JEN provided gardening supplies to residents in temporary housing as part of their mental health efforts. The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) is planning an event in early March, just one week prior to the one-year anniversary of the earthquake, to promote exchange between two of the sites in which AMDA has been working, Otsuchi (in Kamiheigun) and Kesennuma (Miyagi Prefecture). With the passing of time, the external funding for recovery efforts has been decreasing, and thus the goal of this event is to connect NPOs in areas that were devastated by the disaster in order to share information and knowledge, and to form an initiative for a new renaissance. In other words, the goal of the project is to promote intraregional collaboration to leverage the external assistance that is gradually declining.

JEN provided planters, soil, and seedlings to people in temporary housing in Ishinomaki to help people restore a sense of normalcy. Residents planted violas to enjoy now and tulip bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Being able to participate in an activity that many had not enjoyed since the earthquake, as well as being able to enjoy the company of others, provided a welcome break for residents.