March 26, 2012

NICCO staff help children from Natori.

As part of its efforts to help heal the emotional scars children have suffered from last year’s disaster, NICCO held events earlier this year in which children participated in creating dioramas. The dioramas were built in 3 stages: (1) “Our town before the disaster” (5 joint projects); (2) “The scenes I remember from that day” (50 individual projects); (3) “Our town in the future” (5 joint projects). The projects were carried out under the supervision of a local psychologist and a mental health counselor dispatched by NICCO, and the objective was to help mitigate post-traumatic stress disorder by reconfirming that the children are survivors, helping them process their memories and emotions, and helping them to envision the future that they want to build. The children’s artwork is on display throughout the month of March at the Aeon Mall in Natori (Miyagi Prefecture).