April 25, 2012

People line up for a soup kitchen organized by a Sendai-based NPO with aid from AMDAPeace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been working with children in Tohoku, using sports to help them heal emotionally. One of the problems, however, has been a lack of sports facilities. Following last year’s disaster, many of the middle school sports grounds in the city of Kesennuma had to be used for temporary housing for victims. As a result, it was difficult finding space for children to exercise and participate in club and team activities. In response, PWJ has raised funds and begun planning for new sports grounds that are expected to be built this summer in the Shishiori section of Kesennuma. The grounds will be available for use by local residents as well. PWJ is looking forward to seeing children happily racing around the new facility in the near future.

The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) reports that it is continuing to work with an NPO in Sendai to provide food and hand warmers to the homeless. In April, the weather has started to warm up, but the nights are still very cold in northern Japan. They have seen more people losing their jobs and being forced to live on the streets, so they are continuing to keep a close eye on the needs in the city.