3/11 Disaster Relief and Recovery Journal

Just days after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, JCIE began documenting the work being done by NGOs in the region. For nearly two years—through December 2012—we provided short updates on our website that offered a glimpse into the day-to-day activities being undertaken to provide relief, support, and healing for those affected by the disaster.

These updates focused on the work done by the grantees of the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund, whether through our funding or through support from other sources. Together, they form a journal that offers a unique look at how NGOs engage in post-disaster assistance in the initial phases and how their work shifts over time.

These posts are on the initial two years. Information from January 2013 on is available on our 3/11 Disaster Relief & Recovery Facebook page.

September 11, 2012

A JCIE survey of nearly 1,000 nonprofits, businesses, and philanthropic foundations reveals that, in the 1 ½ years since Japan’s Tohoku region was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami, Americans have donated at least $665.8 million (¥53.3 billion) for relief and recovery efforts. This outpouring of … Read more

November 2, 2012

Message of Support to Americans from Japan AMDA, one of the first recipients of a funding from the JCIE Japan NGO Earthquake Fund, played a key role in responding to the 3/11 disaster in Japan. As one of Japan’s leading humanitarian assistance organizations, they respond … Read more